LPI Bag Closer Machine ModeL DA

LPI Bag Closer Closing Machine Portable Electric Sewing Machine Automatic Oiling Woven Bag Packing Machine For Woven bag/Snakeskin bag/Sack

It is suitable for sealing various kinds of openings of gunny sack, cloth bag, brown paper bag, plastic bag etc. Small size, easy use, high speed and high quality.

Model DA

Quality Guaranteed

Made in India

  • Power:- AC/DC MOTOR: 1/10
  • Requirement:- 1/10 hp 8000rpm 220-240V, 1.5 amps
  • Also available with 110V AC/DC Motor. :
  • Sewing Speed:-1600 -1800 stitches per minute 5 to 8 Bags per minute.
  • Type of stitch:- Federal stitch type Single Thread Chain-Stitch.
  • Stitch Length :-3.5 stitches / Inch (25.4mm) fixed.
  • Type Of Bags All kinds of Multi-Wall Paper, Kraft- Paper, Burlap, Cotton, PP\ PE, Hessian, Woven Polypropylene bags etc.
  • Needle DBx1 200/25 (Orange, Made in Korea).
  • Lubricant 2T oil only.
  • Weight 6 Kg. 800 gms. (Including Thread Cone).

DIMENSIONS (17″W)x(11″D)x(14″H). 44cm x29cmx36cm

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