BROTHER TZe-621 Black on Yellow Label Printer Tape

BROTHER TZe-621 Black on Yellow Label Printer TapeTZe Tapes, 6 – 12mm

P-touch TZe laminated tapes are incredibly strong under all kinds of conditions. They hold up extraordinarily well – and stay crisp, legible and firmly in place even when subjected to abrasion, extreme temperature, industrial chemicals and sunlight.

Machine suitability
PT-18R, PT-200, PT-210E, PT-220, PT-300, PT-310, PT-340C, PT-350, PT-540C, PT-550, PT-1000, PT-1200, PT-1800, PT-2400, PT-2450DX, PT-2460, PT-2480, PT-2500, PT-3600, PT-9200, PT-9400, PT-9500PC, PT-9600, PT1000P, PT1010, GL200, PT2420PC, PT1280DT, PT1830VP, PT1260VP, PT2100VP, PT2700VP, PT7500VP, PT7600VP

Brother Machine Tapes

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Tape Width 9 mm  to 12 mm
Works With Printer Models PT-1200, PT-1250, PT-1800, PT-200, PT-210E, PT-220, PT-2400, PT-2500PC, PT-300, PT-300SP, PT-310, PT-340C, PT-350, PT-3600, PT-540C, PT-550, PT-9200PC, PT-9400, PT-9600
Background Colour Yellow
Print Colour Black
Laminated Yes
Tape Length 8 m