Yinghe Cutting Plotter with Contour

  1. The Japan New Micro-Control Technology. Untel USB controller, Japan High Precision Steel Axes & 64Sub –Divided motor, just with 48 dp low working noise
  2. Up to 100mm (39”) per second cutting speed especially for Y axis 2020mm (46”) per second media feeding max speed, invisible
  3. Up to 0.0191mm/step (0.00073) mechanical resolution (DSP) 0.127mm (0.00049) resolution ensure high precision output
  4. Up to 800 gram cutting force for making sure any media cutting precisely
  5. Up to 0.8mm (0.0315) thickness cutting media
  6. Guaranteed 10 meter tracking with high precision
  7. Support Adobe Illustrator, Corel DRAW and flexi sign output directly easily and standby
  8. Newest data transmission interface (USB &U) Flash
  9. Accu –Aligning system for contour cutting (AAS) auto 4 point tracking


  • Model   720F
  • Maximum Cutting width   630mm
  • Maximum cutting Speed 880mm/s Curve speed 600mm/s
  • Knife pressure 10-600g
  • Memory   Flag configuration 4M
  • Resolution   0.005mm/step
  • Repeat Precision   0.127mm (0.00046inch)
  • Interface UFLASH/USB/Bluetooth
  • Language format      (DMPL/HPGL)
  • Power   160V – 240V, 50-60Hz
  • Driver DSP64 Sub Dvide High precision step motor
  • LED Display   Chinese and English
  • Infrared position   Optional
  • Weight   28kg